About My Photography

The images on this website have been made over the last 13 years using either my large format view camera and sheet film or a digital camera. The possibilities the view camera offers to control perspective and focus through camera movements, as well as the incredible tonal range and detail of the processed transparency, encouraged me in my decision to pursue this method of photographing the landscape.
The addition of a digital camera in 2010 was a very steep learning curve, but it has allowed me to experiment and to capture more fleeting moments that would otherwise be impossible to capture in the time it takes to set up the view camera. I enjoy the freedom of choice between the two camera systems.
Although some of the landscapes in my images might be familiar to many, It is always in my interests to seek out new perspectives, but my greatest enjoyment comes from exploring lesser-known viewpoints and locations, sometimes involving an overnight camp. If I return with nothing -photographically speaking- I will always return with an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime, and if i get lucky, it’s those experiences I wish to share, in some way, through my photography. I hope that they inspire you to do some exploring of your own.